20 Keto Casserole Recipes For Easy No-Stress Meals

From buffalo chicken casseroles to breakfast casseroles and more, here are 20 keto casserole recipes that are easy to add to your weekly meal plan. All are keto, low carb, and paleo, and many are also Whole30. Perfect for healthy dinners, breakfasts and packed lunches.

Keto Casserole Recipes - Cook Eat Paleo

What I love most about these easy casseroles is that you don’t even have to miss out on your favorite dishes! The truth is, there are so many healthy keto twists on classic (and not so classic) comfort food casseroles that you’re sure to find a recipe here that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Thankfully, eating healthy doesn’t have to be time-consuming. And the best thing about these casserole recipes? They’re easy. Really, really easy. Usually, it’s as simple as throwing your ingredients in a baking dish and setting it in the oven. Perfect for weeknights where you just don’t have the energy to spend a lot of time meal prepping in the kitchen. And why should you, when there are keto recipes like these that help you get a healthy meal on the table and maybe even give you a spare moment to kick your feet up while dinner is cooking.

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20 Keto Casseroles To Jump-Start Your Meal Plan

No matter whether you’re looking for easy chicken casseroles or clever meal prep keto breakfast ideas, here are 20 keto casseroles to jump-start your meal plan for the week. All are keto, low carb, gluten-free, and paleo, and many are Whole30 compliant as well.

Quick Keto Chicken Casseroles

Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins. It’s perfect for quick and easy keto dinners. Here are a variety of different ways to use chicken in your keto casseroles.

Chicken & Broccoli Cauliflower Rice Casserole

Here’s a clever cauliflower rice swap. This chicken and broccoli casserole from A Saucy Kitchen is an easy dinner idea no matter whether you’re eating keto, paleo, Whole30, or low carb. Want to make prepping this freezer-friendly casserole even easier? Start with pre-cooked chicken and prepped cauliflower rice – it will make meal prep a breeze.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 181 | Fat: 1g | Net Carbs: 13g | Protein: 14g

Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash Bake (Whole30, Paleo, Low-Carb)

Pasta cravings no more! This chicken spaghetti squash bake from The Harvest Skillet is perfect no matter whether you’re following Whole30, paleo, keto, low carb, dairy-free, gluten-free or a grain-free diet. The dairy-free pesto and cherry tomatoes are such a delicious pairing of flavors. Try cooking your spaghetti squash in the instant pot to speed up your total prep time.

Nutrition per serving:

Net Carbs: 5g

Whole30 Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole Recipe

This keto buffalo chicken casserole recipe from Wicked Spatula is free of dairy but completely loaded up with delicious toppings. This quick and easy casserole is naturally low in carbs, keto-friendly, Whole30 compliant, paleo and perfect for feeding a crowd. Meal prepping a crockpot roast chicken and cauliflower rice in advance will make this casserole even easier!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 265 | Fat: 15g | Net Carbs: 8g | Protein: 21g

Chicken Zucchini Casserole (Paleo, Low Carb, Keto)

This chicken zucchini casserole from Joy Filled Eats is the perfect easy weeknight dinner casserole that puts your spiralizer to work! This keto casserole can be pulled together in about 35 minutes with less than 10 ingredients! It’s loaded up with veggies and protein, but it’s the rich dairy-free cream sauce that will have everyone asking for seconds.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 389 | Fat: 24g | Net Carbs: 6g | Protein: 33g

Low Carb Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole with Ranch Sauce

This buffalo chicken casserole with ranch sauce from Low Carb Yum is the casserole version of traditional buffalo chicken wings. This is the perfect crowd-pleasing casserole for game days. And, even better, it can be whipped together and ready to serve in under an hour. Best of all, this recipe is also gluten-free and paleo-friendly, so everyone at your tailgate can enjoy it!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 229 | Fat: 18g | Net Carbs: 4g | Protein: 11g

Chinese Cauliflower Fried Rice Casserole

Easy? Check. Freezer-friendly? Check. Delicious? Check! If you’re craving take out you’ll love this vegetarian Chinese cauliflower fried rice casserole from Cotter Crunch. Think of it like a healthier, vegetable-loaded low carb, gluten-free version of Schezwan fried rice. Except it’s healthy! Best of all, you can have it ready in 30 minutes. It will be on the table long before any take out arrives at your door!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 165 | Fat: 8.8g | Net Carbs: 9g | Protein: 11g

Easy Keto Ground Beef Casseroles

There’s something so low-maintenance about ground beef, isn’t there? Here are a handful of no-fuss keto casseroles using ground beef as the star protein.

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Easy Cabbage Roll Casserole Recipe (Low Carb)

This lazy cabbage roll casserole from Wholesome Yum couldn’t be easier. The clever use of cauliflower rice in place of the traditional rice keeps this quick recipe keto, low carb, paleo and Whole30. And unlike traditional cabbage rolls, there’s no rice or cabbage pre-cooking required for this recipe. You can have this crowd-pleasing casserole on the table in about an hour!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 346 | Fat: 22g | Net Carbs: 9g | Protein: 25g

Paleo Lasagna With Homemade Dairy-Free Cheese & Butternut Squash Noodles

This healthy lasagna recipe from Healthful Pursuit is the perfect way to indulge in comfort food without sacrificing your commitment to healthy eating. Keto, dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free, and paleo – this keto lasagna recipe using ground beef is ticking so many healthy eating boxes! This recipe is a little labor-intensive, but totally worth the effort for the perfect family-style Sunday night dinner.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 378 | Fat: 26g | Net Carbs: 17g | Protein: 14.8g

Low Carb Paleo Zucchini Lasagna

This low carb lasagna from Food Faith Fitness is keto, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free and Whole30-friendly. Perfect for everyone at the dinner table! This easy recipe is packed with protein and so many delicious veggies that you won’t even miss the traditional lasagna cheese. Zucchini noodles make for a particularly clever pasta swap that helps cut down on the total cooking time.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 367 | Fat: 25.1g | Net Carbs: 12.5g | Protein: 19.4g

Simple Keto Breakfast Casserole Ideas

Breakfast casseroles are a simple way to feed a crowd. Here are 6 keto breakfast casseroles that are equally perfect for a leisurely weekend brunch or meal prepping for grab-and-go keto breakfasts during the week.

Vegan Oatmeal Breakfast Bake (Paleo, Keto)

This vegan oatmeal breakfast bake from The Big Man’s World is easy to whip together and loaded with delicious berries. This freezer-friendly recipe is perfect for easy keto meal prep, making this a quick and easy keto breakfast option. Especially if you’re looking for a grab-and-go breakfast! I love that you can have the recipe ready to serve or freeze in under 30 minutes.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 290 | Fat: 12.4g | Net Carbs: 16g | Protein: 8g

Easy Whole30 Breakfast Casserole (Paleo, Keto)

This easy keto breakfast casserole from Tasty Thin is perfect if you’re short on time and ingredients. You only need 5 keto staple ingredients and 10 minutes of prep time to pull this recipe together! This recipe is perfect for a weekend brunch or weekly meal prep. This is a really easy keto breakfast recipe to pull together, especially if you’ve already got keto breakfast sausage on hand to cook.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 219 | Fat: 9g | Net Carbs: 9g | Protein: 23g

Farmers’ Market Vegetable Egg Bake

Looking for an easy keto breakfast to meal prep? Look no further than this vegetable egg bake recipe from Real Balanced. It’s also paleo, Whole30, vegetarian, and low carb, so it’s well-suited to a variety of clean eating lifestyles. Try meal prepping it on Sunday and slicing it up for quick grab-and-go breakfasts for your busy weekday mornings. So easy!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 158 | Fat: 10.9g | Net Carbs: 3.8g | Protein: 9.8g

Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Enchiladas (Low Carb)

This easy breakfast enchilada casserole from Skinny Taste is keto, gluten-free, low carb, paleo, vegetarian and Whole30 friendly. And what an ingenious way to use egg whites – they stand in for traditional tortillas! This recipe takes just 10 minutes of prep time and can be on the table in just over an hour. This easy keto breakfast is perfect for your next weekend brunch!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 239 | Fat: 12g | Net Carbs: 6g | Protein: 24g

Italian Spaghetti Squash Breakfast Casserole (Low Carb, Gluten Free, Paleo)

This savory keto-friendly breakfast casserole from Peace Love and Low Carb is made almost entirely of fridge and keto pantry staples. This is everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cooking at its finest! You could even use Instant Pot spaghetti squash as an easy recipe short-cut to get this meal on the table even more quickly.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 333 | Fat: 23g | Net Carbs: 13.25g | Protein: 14g

Paleo Blueberry Breakfast Bake (Vegan, Keto)

Love blueberries? Then you’ll love this blueberry breakfast bake recipe from The Big Man’s World. The original recipe is vegan and gluten-free but also includes a tested paleo and keto version. Try meal prepping this for a week of easy keto breakfasts or freeze it for the future. Decadent like dessert, but healthy enough for breakfast. That’s my type of breakfast bake!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 289 | Fat: 12.5g | Net Carbs: 16g | Protein: 8g

Even More Keto Casserole Recipes To Try

And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, here are a few more keto casserole recipes. You’ll find everything from a healthy twist on tuna casserole to a deliciously fresh ratatouille.

Healthy Low Carb “Sweet Potato” Casserole Recipe (Sugar Free)

This healthy sweet potato casserole from Wholesome Yum is not actually a sweet potato casserole at all – but it tastes just like your holiday favorite. Of course, sweet potatoes are too starchy to belong in a true low carb diet. This clever twist uses butternut squash and cauliflower to recreate those traditional flavors without the extra carbs. You’ll also find dairy-free and paleo recipe options inside this recipe.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 146 | Fat: 13g | Net Carbs: 5g | Protein: 2g

Tuna Green Chile Zucchini Casserole (Paleo, Whole30)

This healthy twist on Grandma’s classic tuna casserole from Cotter Crunch is the perfect way to boost your protein intake while keeping your meals naturally low carb. This is healthy comfort food done right, where zucchini noodles stand in for the traditional pasta. And best of all, this recipe can be ready to serve in under 45 minutes. Perfect for busy weeknight dinners!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 209 | Fat: 16.1g | Net Carbs: 4.2g | Protein: 10.3g

Low Carb Sauerkraut Sausage Casserole

This low carb sausage casserole from KetoDiet is keto, paleo and so easy to pull together. Cook it for an easy weeknight dinner or meal prep it in advance and reheat it during the week for fast lunches or dinners. It only requires 15 minutes of hands-on prep time and is ready to serve in under an hour. This is also a great way to use up a little chicken stock if you have it hanging around in your fridge.

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 440 | Fat: 33.2g | Net Carbs: 6.9g | Protein: 25g

Easy Sautéed Fresh Green Beans With Crispy Prosciutto

This quick green bean casserole recipe from Food Faith Fitness is a total breeze to pull together. You only need 4 key ingredients and 15 minutes from start to serving. This recipe is perfect for keto, Whole30 and low carb followers as is. And if you’re eating dairy-free or paleo, simply swap out the butter for coconut or avocado oil. So simple!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 98 | Fat: 6.8g | Net Carbs: 4g | Protein: 4.2g

Easy Ratatouille Recipe

What a beautiful way to use fresh produce! This easy ratatouille from A Clean Bake is a delicious dish that’s gluten-free, vegan, paleo, low carb, keto, and Whole30 compliant. You only need a handful of ingredients and 20 minutes of prep time to pull this together. Perhaps best of all, it’s freezer-friendly so you can meal prep a double batch for later!

Nutrition per serving:

Calories: 109 | Net Carbs: 13g | Protein: 3g

Try Keto Casseroles For Easy Dinners (& Meal Prep!)

No matter whether you’re cooking for a crowd or meal prepping your keto breakfasts in advance, these keto casserole recipes are the perfect collection of inspiration. Use it to help organize your weekly meal plan – especially if you find yourself short on time or energy.

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