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A calorie is a unit of energy our body receives; it refers to the energy we get from food that we eat every day. If we consume a decent calorie intake, we will get more energy and vice versa. If we consume more calories we also need to burn them, we often ascribe burn calories to losing weight. Calories are important for our body as they have the potential to potential to give us strength. What we do need to remember is consuming the number of calories our body actually requires, because the surplus of calories will increase your fats and weight.

You must have heard the term “eat less, move more”, but how much more to move is the question. How many calories should you consume and how should you burn? It differs from people to people depending on your metabolism. For instance, if you want to burn 1-2 pounds you have burn 500-1000 calories per day and 3500 – 7000calories per week. Well, you can also keep a count on them, this may sound hectic although it really works. The other way is burning calories.

For people who can’t follow strict diets or keep a check on calorie intake, you can burn calories through exercises. Exercise other than losing weight has many other benefits such as good health, good heart rate, good stamina, protection against chronic diseases, etc. One secret benefit is that exercise can also help you quit smoking (only for smoker obviously). It is proved that exercise actually helps you in quitting alcohol and tobacco. So if you’re an addicted smoker and want to quit it, try exercising, it will really help you lose all your bad habits.

Do you know what the best exercises to burn calories are? You need to find exercises that will burn your calories fast and in an effective way. Some may also want to sculpt their bodies by burning calories. Yes, it is possible. Here are some of the exercises you can follow to keep a check on calorie intake with gaining muscles every day:

Squats increase the efficiency of proper calorie intake


A squat is an exercise where the trainee has to bend down in a chair like position maintaining perfect 90-degree angles with hips, legs, thighs, and waist. Not many know but squats can actually help you burn calories. Staying a squat like position generates heat in your body and that heat eventually burns your calories. Other than burning calories squats can help you strengthen your core muscle gain, give a good shape and sculpt your thighs, legs, and hips.

There are multiple types of squats like air squat, front squat, back squat, etc. A squat is an exercise you can literally do anywhere and at any time. You can do 20 squats in 3 sets by having a 30-second break in between. Results can be only seen if done regularly.

Deadlift enhances the internal strength of the body


The deadlift is a weightlifting exercise, the position is similar to the squat position except here you have to pick weight from the ground, lift it above the shoulder and bring it back to the ground. The deadlift is only such exercise that stimulates both the lower and the upper body generating heat throughout the body.

Proper precautions must be taken while performing deadlifts, a slight change in movement may cause you to a large wound in your muscle. For a beginner, you must start with less weight and sets, increase gradually and start moving to higher weights.

Push-ups accelerate body growth


Push-ups are by far the most effective sculpting exercise which shows results instantly. For a push-up, you must hold on in a plank position and literally follow the title, push up your body in a wave motion as high as you can and come back to the plank position inversely. Push-ups strengthen your core muscle and are a very good ab exercise. Push-ups work on stomach, triceps, back, etc. You can say it is all in one exercise. At first, you will find push-ups difficult and exhausting but you will adapt to it if practiced regularly.

Stair Climber is a convenient alternative for a workout

Stair Climber

Running is a good calorie-burning exercise but what if you’re too shy to go out and run, you can actually use stair climbing exercise. The stair climber is a device fitted with a rotating wheel on both sides. As the name suggests, the device is shaped in a stair-like shape.

Stair-climbing exercise is an effective way to burn calories at home and lose weight and is considered as a great full-body workout. It will give you a feeling of exercising on a staircase. You must carry out stair climbing for at least 20-30 minutes a day.

Hatha Yoga enhances the efficiency of calorie intake

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a classical form of yoga. The word “Hatha” means hands in Sanskrit. Hatha yoga usually to physical yoga postures like ashtanga, vinyasa, etc. We all know the benefits of yoga. Yoga is an adequate way to develop energy within your body.

Yoga helps you physically as well as mentally; it soothes your body by giving you inner peace and also maintains your blood circulation. By following and implementing hatha yoga thoroughly you can burn up to 400 – 500 calories an everyday day as the produced heat in the body will eventually melt your calories, do not forget it will also purify your blood. Isn’t that insane? Yoga will also help you overcome depression and can also heal other severe injuries and diseases like paralysis, etc. Who knew simple yoga would benefit us so much. Also, mornings and evenings are the best to practice hatha yoga.

Along with these exercises, you can also try jogging, walking, hiking, swimming, jumping, dancing, and whatnot. They will also keep a check on your calorie intake. Exercise promotes chemicals in the brain that improves your mood and makes you more relaxed throughout the day. Start exercising today and you will soon see the results. Nothing will work unless you do. Get stronger be fitter by exercising and eating healthier.

You are what you eat, remember that. Junk food will make your body junk. Only exercising will not help if you don’t reduce consuming unhealthy food. So avoid junk food to the max, who said healthy food cannot be tasty? There are so many healthy and tasty recipes available on the internet to keep a check on calorie intake. Try them, trust me they are worth it. Drink a lot of water, eat protein, vitamins, calcium and a little carb. Keep this in mind, you are the only one who will motivate yourself. If you think you cannot, you always want. Therefore, think positive and start exercising, it is the best thing to keep you energized, motivated and fresh.

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