Healthy weight loss a key to success as this will bring fitness

Healthy weight loss

We live in a world where physical looks important much more than your wealth, mindset, the personality of nature. Yes, the better you look, the more heads you will move in the crowd. This is the same for your physical appearance. No one likes carrying around useless bodyweight. It is not a good omen of confidence and is even regarded as unhealthy for our body system by medical science.

But what happens when you crave a chocolate brownie? Do you remember how will you look if you become fat? Probably no. This is the case of human nature nowadays. We tend to get lured towards junk and delectable yet unhealthy artificial food that makes our waist a few inches larger quickly than we can realize.

And then starts the series of weight loss methods. This includes home remedies, diet plans, and exercise sessions. Something that could have been avoided at first place requires attention after. And what’s worse, not all efforts show results we want. Weight loss methods are usually successful if they deliver consistent results over a long period of time. This goal becomes elusive. So, what’s the holy grail of staying fit or losing weight easily and effectively? The simple answer is physical activity.

Obesity is a threat

Obesity has increased in numbers and occurrences since the last decade. In the US alone, more than one-third of adults were considered obese. The obesity is defined as the BMI or body mass index of 30 or higher. This BMI is calculated by dividing weight in pounds by height in inches squared. This is then multiplied by 703. Using this formula, everyone can calculate the Body Index mass.

Obesity can lead to a number of diseases including heart problems, stroke, diseases and even certain types of cancer. When you do physical activity, you tend to become less prone to obesity as you burn calories with exercises. Reducing the risk of obesity is the first benefit of doing physical exercises.

Why chose physical activities

If you wish to lose weight, you either start consuming fewer calories or start burning off more calories than your usual intake. The former idea may come with the side effects of getting deprived of essential nutrients as you are consuming less food. The latter one, however, shows the significance of choosing physical activities over other forms of weight loss ideas.

For heart diseases

When you combine a healthy diet with exercises, you devise out an effective way to burn calories. Exercise or physical activities can reverse the effects of certain syndromes. Being physical also helps lowering down your blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. This helps prevent heart attack chances. Physical acts such as walking or doing Yoga have also regarded as beneficial for sugar patients.

For cancer and depression

Exercises also lower the risk of developing cancer disease. To be specific, being physical is a preventive measure for the onset of colon or breast cancer. Physical activities also help provide you with confidence that your body is upright and all organs are working rightly. You also get a good feeling of being well to the core. Furthermore, physical activity also lowers down the chances of anxiety and depression which helps prevent certain other brain-related conditions.

For Healthy Weight Loss

When you indulge more in physical activity, you are simply helping your self by maintaining a good weight loss routine. When you run or cycle, you are in a way to improve your body’s metabolism. Your heart works faster and muscles become reflexed. This helps in burning calories as well. Overall, the process maintains and increases the lean mass of our body. This further helps us in healthy weight loss in an effective manner. Physical training also stimulates our body to produce more sweat which is a sweet sign of weight loss.

How much should you exercise

Physical activity is a fruit whose benefits can be reaped easily. You should always look to perform some type of aerobic exercise in a week. You can schedule it thrice in a week for more than 15 minutes for every session. If you can increase the time to 25 m minutes, you will lose weight more quickly. For moderate to medium level workout, you can dedicate as much as 10 minutes at the start. You can do this by simply running for half a mile on a daily basis. You can walk for a mile as your daily evening walking routine. Walking or jogging can burn up to 100 calories extra from the normal limit of the day. Weekly, you should aim at burning about 600 or more calories. This amount can equal as much as 10lbs of weight loss in just one year.

Ideal physical activities for healthy weight loss

Walk for healthy weight loss

Here’s a fact for you- if you regularly walk for half an hour in a brisk manner daily, you can burn about 150 extra calories on a daily basis. Well, that seems quite a number right? Such is the effect of the world’s most common physical activity-walking. If you are looking to lose fat in an aggressive manner and do not want to get conjured in hurdles of gymming, you can simply adapt walking. Walking is healthy for your brain, heart, and body. It increases stamina and injects an element of freshness. This is because when you walk, you come out of the four corners of the home. You get to see outer elements of nature such as parks, flowers, kids playing, birds and much more. Also, this is an easy physical activity that could be adopted by the elderly as well as kids.

For beginners, it is recommended that they start by walking 30 minutes thrice a day. You may then gradually increase the duration and frequency of the regime. You can walk as much as 60 minutes in one go. You can do it 5 to 6 times a week which will be still healthy for your body. To get more creative, buy a new walking shoe and start the activity to lose those extra pounds.


The new meditation technique is gaining popularity day by day. The physical activity might not be as intense but surely comes with weight loss benefits. The phenomenon of yoga is based on concentrating our inner senses on a single focal point and then achieving the goal you wished for. It includes Asana in which you move your body in different shapes for a different time period, focusing on different body parts. Yoga is also helpful as a medication technique as it relaxes our mind. There are various positions you can try to lose weight slowly and steadily.  This activity can be practiced at home. All you need is a Yoga mat and a bit of a tranquil atmosphere.


Have you ever watched a movie about seawater and thought about learning swimming just for worst-case scenarios? if yes, then you will be happy to know that this physical activity can do much more than it meets the eye for it can help reduce your fat. Swimming simply burns fat. It cuts our belly inches and makes our muscles stronger, healthier and fuller. When you swim for long sessions, you can burn as much as 600 calories in an hour. Be it freestyle or breaststroke, the numbers remain the same. Swimming is actually an intense form of exercise that helps in toning your body. It can make you shed pounds in a few weeks.

Swimming is also useful if you wish to refine your butt muscles. It helps make our hips and glutes stronger. Also, it makes our arms and legs stronger causing them to gain more weight over time. When conjugating with other exercises like running or walking, swimming can do wonders in healthy weight loss. It also makes you feel great. Well, who doesn’t enjoy playing in the water?


If you are killing your passion for dancing, here is another reason for you to not lose hope. Dance is good for weight loss. Participating in dancing activities can not only make you feel energetic but also elevate your fitness level. You can easily incorporate dancing in your daily fitness regime and improve muscle strength. Just like swimming, dancing is a vigorous form of physical activity. One benefit here is that you can set the intensity of the dance. You can either go for harsh movements or simply practice those slow self-satisfying moves.

Dancing sculpts your body from toe to head. When you shake, grove and move with different steps, you are actually burning calories. Your energy levels elevate and you are in a way, performing various fat-burning exercises in rhythm when you are dancing.

Interval training

Intensity is the key when you wish to boost your healthy weight loss efforts. The high-intensity interval training is a procedure in which you exercise at short intervals putting in your maximum strength. This is then followed by long resting periods allowing your muscles to grow in size. The interval training involves hard work and is a test of your passion for making it to your desired goal. It helps increase the fat-burning potential of our body.

Interval training is also good for releasing growth hormones. These mobilize the fat which is then used as a fuel instead of being stored as an extra mass in our body. You can do 20  to 25 minutes workout which will help you in burning more calories during the day. The entire training focuses on making your exercise harder and performs better. It is a good strategy to strengthen your muscles and lose extra pounds in a short turnaround time.

Don’t skip aerobic exercises

No matter what type of exercise you are relying on, you should never overlook the importance of aerobic exercises. Nothing affects your cardiac muscles as perfectly as aerobic physical activities. These include cycling, jogging, walking or even running. All of these activities act as a blood circulating gesture for your body. If you are going to the gym, you can always perform such activities on machines like treadmill or stair stepper.


As soon as you realize a bulging tummy, you should tell yourself that it is not going to disappear like the stars of the night. You have to deal with it and more importantly adapt physical activities to get it back to normal. If you wish to start today, we hope our tips will assist you in the journey. Physical activity is the finest and safest way to burn calories while getting your body in good shape.

So, instead of making excuses, you should start making progress. It’s you who owns your body and you need to take care of it. Also, it’s your determination and only your passion that can make a difference in good and bad looking figure. While we are not indicating that it’s easy, we do wanna make you realize that adopting physical activities is surely worth it. So go start looking in the mirror for your competition and start working out.

Remember that true enjoyment always comes with the activity of the mind and exercise of the body. And you can move mountains when you practice both.

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